Optifast vs Medifast: Which Program is Best for Weight Loss

The Short Answer:

Optifast is better suited to those who prefer monitoring and consultation. On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative that is better tasting we recommend Medifast.

As most of us are painfully aware, there is any number of possible ways one can attempt to lose weight. Add to this, the seemingly neverending amount of conflicting information (which food should we demonize this month?) and confusing information on what form of exercise is best for weight loss and it comes as no surprise that many people prefer specific programs where they are given an outline to follow.

While there are a number of programs competing for your hard earned dollar often the choice comes down to Optifast vs Medifast. Rather than try both of these products, below is a thorough overview describing each product with a final determination of which product may be better. This comparison can help you make the right choice for you and your health.

Optifast vs Medifast

Optifast Overview

Optifast logo Optifast, which has been a weight loss solution since the 1980’s has recognized that diet pills aren’t a long-term solution for weight loss. If you are serious about changing your lifestyle, then Optifast offers you a program that can push you to do just that. It is a program that incorporates meal monitoring, education, counseling, and support to help you improve your health and lose weight. To ensure that you are on the right track, it also provides low-fat protein and high-fiber meals that are fortified with minerals and nutrients for a balanced diet.

Who should use Optifast?

When choosing a product for weight loss, it is important that the product that you are choosing is best for you. Optifast is most effective if you have a body mass index that is greater than 30 and you are looking for a comprehensive treatment program.

Benefits and disadvantages of Optifast

The Good

In terms of benefits, on average, individuals who use Optifast lose an average of 50 pounds and about 50% of patients maintain the weight loss for over five years. In addition to weight loss, users of Opifast have also noticed a decrease in cholesterol and blood pressure which is consistent with weight loss.

The not so good

Opifast requires you to visit its clinics, which can be costly and time-consuming, in fact, it can be quite costly in general. According to the official website, the total cost of the program comes in at $2,850 in addition to $115 per week for meals. This is considered expensive for this type of program, however, there is the option to pay in instalments which may make the cost more manageable.

Optifast Reviews

Overall, Optifast is reviewed positively from users. There’s a definite focus on keeping the weight off, and the program is well rounded with a holistic approach to health. The weight loss occurs fairly quickly if you abide by the program according to users. On the other hand, there are others who feel that the program can be difficult and challenging. However, as they say, no pain no gain.

Medifast Overview

Medifast logo Like Optifast, Medifast is also a comprehensive weight loss program. Also known as the “5 & 1 Plan,” the program requires you to replace five of your regular meals with Medifast meals (You are able to incorporate one of your own meals).

After reaching your weight loss goal through the program, you revert to the “3 & 3″ plan, which requires you to replace three of your regular meals with Medifast Meals. This helps you keep off weight and stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Who Medifast is designed For

One of the main differences between the two programs is that Medifast seems to be much more accessible and varied in its consumer base. Medifast markets itself as a product that is available for anyone that is looking to lose weight and to maintain and healthy and active lifestyle. It has also been a great solution for mothers who are looking to lose baby weight after pregnancy.

Benefits and disadvantages of Medifast

The good

To begin with the benefits, Medifast users have seen drastic weight loss from the start of the program and with the program’s 3 & 1 option, the weight loss is easy to maintain if you are disciplined enough to stick to the program. Other advantages include it being an easy program to abide by, and there are a variety of shakes and meals available.

The not so good

For those who aren’t used to drastically reduced meals, it can take some adjustment to get used to. In addition, some people have also experienced fatigue at the start of the program.

Cost of Medifast

The cost of Medifast, compared to other serious weight loss programs isn’t as high. For example, the enhanced four-week package costs about $400.00. You can usually expect to pay $12-$15 per day for every 28 days. In addition, there are also supplemental foods and consultations that are not incorporated into the program.

Medifast reviews

Medifast users have generally had positive things to say about the weight loss plan. Many have stated that the product is very effective, and the weight is also easy to keep off if you follow the program. On the other hand, many users have said that the program is a challenge and digestive discomfort can occur.

The Taste Difference

When it comes to taste between Medifast and Opifast, it seems that Medifast is the clear winner. It incorporates more tasteful and varied products into its line of products. Users have especially enjoyed the brown sugar cereal, the hot chocolate, and the dark chocolate antioxidant drinks. The chicken noodle soup and the chili are also popular options. The great thing about Medifast for many individuals is tastes like genuine food and the meals are enjoyable.

Optifast has gotten far less positive reviews in terms of the taste of its food. People have especially disliked the daily shakes and the many are of the opinion the products are bland and tasteless.

Optifast Vs Medifast: The Verdict

When it comes to choosing between Optifast and Medifast, we lean towards Medifast for a few reasons. For one, it is not as expensive and secondly, many people agree it is a better tasting option. If you prefer monitoring and consultation along the way then Optifast may be the better option.

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