3 Genuine Benefits of Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil is beneficial for the health of your teeth and hair and can also reduce the impact of skin conditions such as Eczema.

Magnesium isn’t only a mineral that is essential to your body’s internal health but once converted to oil form, it also poses a number of useful benefits. According to Ancient Minerals , Magnesium oil has been around for centuries. Below is a thorough overview of what magnesium oil is and how it can help you.

What is Magnesium Oil?

The Benefits of Magnesium Oil The name “magnesium oil” is somewhat misleading. Magnesium oil is not the oil form of the element magnesium, but a solution of water and magnesium chloride. The solution is called magnesium oil because it has an oil-like texture. After being harvested from the ocean and rock formations, the magnesium is mixed into the solution that is sold at the store. However, rather than purchase magnesium oil at your local health store, it is also possible to make magnesium oil at home.

According to Empowered Sustenanc e, all you need to do to make magnesium oil at home is to mix half a cup of filtered water with half a cup of magnesium fluoride flakes. Dispensing the substance is easiest using a small spray bottle. Therefore, after you’ve mixed a solution, you can simply put it in your favorite canister and use when needed.

Most Common Uses for Magnesium Oil

The great thing about magnesium oil is that it has a number of common uses. For example, magnesium oil can be used as an all-natural deodorant, it can soothe muscle cramps after a tough workout, and when added to your bath, it can help you relax by soothing, irritated skin. In addition, when you brush magnesium oil on your skin, it can provide relief if you suffer from dry skin and it can also improve your body’s circulation.

Benefits of Magnesium Oil for Men

Apart from having a number of benefits, in general, magnesium oil also has a few specialized advantages for men. Hyperion Nutrition points out that magnesium oil is able to help balance the male body’s hormones, leaving freer testosterone.

A high level of testosterone means that men can have better and more effective workouts. In addition to balancing hormones, magnesium also raises cellular ATP, which has been linked to an increased in energy. Furthermore, magnesium oil also provides more endurance and it can heal muscle pain after a day at the gym.

How Magnesium Helps Your Hair

As you age, hair has a tendency to become thinner and less luxurious. Magnesium oil is able to restore your hair to some degree as it has a beneficial effect upon hair through the manner of which it is absorbed into the scalp. For example, when you massage magnesium oil into the scalp, absorption takes place through the hair follicles. The magnesium stimulates the hair follicles and promotes healthier hair. Magnesium also helps hair by increasing thickness and causing a beautiful shine.

Magnesium for Teeth

Promoting good dental health can easily improve your appearance and your confidence. Magnesium oil also has a beneficial effect upon your teeth. Brushing your teeth with magnesium oil with a soft bristle toothbrush has been known to improve gum health and prevent periodontal disease. It also reduces plaque, prevents calcium build-up, and it protects tooth enamel. Finally, magnesium oil also has a great effect upon the appearance of your teeth. Magnesium oil has the ability to whiten your teeth by reducing the appearance of stains.


Eczema can be a painful condition that causes irritation and inflammation of the skin. While there are many solutions out there, caring for your condition with natural remedies can be better for your skin and your hair. Magnesium oil can help remedy your eczema because magnesium is a natural anti-inflammatory. By rubbing magnesium onto your skin, you can easily reduce irritation related to eczema. Using magnesium oil over time can rejuvenate the skin, heal dryness, and repair skin to the point that it reverts back to a state where it is softer and less irritating.

Side Effects

While magnesium oil has many benefits, magnesium oil also has a number of side effects that are important to take into consideration. If you are currently suffering from a heart condition, then taking magnesium can exacerbate your problem because it has the ability to slow your heart rate. In addition, you should also avoid taking magnesium if you are suffering from kidney issues, renal failure, of if you are on dialysis.

Magnesium oil is safe when used in its recommended dosage. The great thing about magnesium oil is that it is very versatile when it comes to application. Magnesium oil usually does not result in side effects if sprayed up to twenty times per day. If you choose to use the magnesium spray on a more frequent basis, then you risk developing nausea and fatigue.

Where to Buy

The true beneficial qualities of magnesium are more likely to materialize when you use quality magnesium oil. These days, the market is saturated with too many products that have very little value because they are full of additional additives. When purchasing magnesium oil, it is best to look for a brand that says “ultra pure magnesium oil.” You can usually find this type of magnesium oil online or at your local health store. If you don’t want to purchase the magnesium oil, an alternative solution is to blend the solution at home at your own convenience. The process is completely easy and it can be done quickly.


Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while. By using magnesium oil on a frequent basis, you can care for your skin and for your health like it deserves. Just a few sprays of magnesium oil per day can soothe your skin, help your hair, relax your muscles, and heal your gums and teeth. You should also know that the benefits of magnesium oil don’t take long to materialize either, which means that you can feel better faster.

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