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About Martin

I have always had a strong interest in sports and nutrition. As a child, I was a swimmer, martial artist and loved weight training. After finishing school my lifestyle became more sedentary and like most of us pursuing a career and having more demands placed on their time I started to gain weight.

While I had always been in good shape during my formative years I eventually tipped the scales at 249lbs and realized it was time to start making major changes or I would end up overweight, inactive and unhappy.

I tried different approaches including swimming, running and a number of different diets. While this did result in some weight loss the results were negligible and I damaged my shoulder (rotator cuff injury though overtraining) and knees thanks to road running. This led me to believe, that getting in shape wasn’t something I was going to be able to address.

It was when I started researching nutrition and strength and conditioning that I realized my approach had been wrong and in many ways was causing more harm than good. It sure felt that way!

Nowadays my weight is approx. 187lbs (a total loss of 62lbs) and I have more energy and feel great. This change is largely the result of having a better understanding of nutrition and how the body reacts to meaningful exercise.

I have since become passionate about helping others to achieve similar results. Many of us are prepared to put in the work but are often doing the wrong things thanks to misleading advice nd unhealthy foods often marketed to us as healthy.

The majority of the articles I have contributed to the site focus on weight management and helping our readers improve their strength and fitness.

Some of my most popular articles include:

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I look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.