Health Benefits of Ceylon Tea

3 Powerful Health Benefits of Ceylon Tea

If you consider there is a museum named after it, you can infer that the benefits of Ceylon Tea are well known to many. Ceylon tea, unique to Sri Lanka is the namesake of the Ceylon Tea Museum. For those who are unaware Ceylon was Sri Lanka’s official name up until becoming a Republic in 1972. The terrain and weather […]

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Quit Drinking Lose Weight

Quit Drinking, Lose Weight. 3 Awesome Health Benefits.

Current statistics by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicate that nearly 88 percent of Americans consume Alcohol, while 25 percent of that group are reported to be heavy drinkers. Heavy drinkers to tend to end up heavy, with most consuming an additional 1000 to 3000 calories per day due to the number […]

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The Health Benefits of Stevia

The Health Benefits of Stevia. Natures Sweetener.

You may be surprised to learn that sugar makes up for an entire ten percent of calories that Americans consume per day. With such a high level of consumption, it is no wonder we are noticing adverse effects such as increased incidences of Diabetes. According to Harvard Health, consuming a diet rich in sugar not […]

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the Benefits of Magnesium Oil

3 Genuine Benefits of Magnesium Oil

Magnesium isn’t only a mineral that is essential to your body’s internal health but once converted to oil form, it also poses a number of useful benefits. According to Ancient Minerals, Magnesium oil has been around for centuries. Below is a thorough overview of what magnesium oil is and how it can help you. What is […]

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Vegetable Pills

Vegetable Pills: Supplement Vital Nutrients

Cultivating a healthy lifestyle through the right diet and exercise has obvious benefits. According to Harvard Health, staying active and eating the right diet improves your chances of living longer, protects you from developing certain types of cancers, and improves your cardiovascular fitness. In addition to these benefits, you’ll also feel happier and more confident. There are […]

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Best Dehydrated Food

Best Dehydrated Food and Equipment for Home Dehydrating

  Finding healthy and nourishing food throughout the year isn’t always easy, especially in colder seasons. In the winter, most succulent fruits and vegetables are out of season, making them an expensive option when you go to the grocery store. One alternative that is worth considering is dehydrated food. Dehydrated food is available throughout the […]

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Knee Stiffness

3 Awesome Exercises to Beat Stiffness in the Knee and Associated Pain

Stiffness in the knee and associated knee pain can limit your ability to maintain a regular exercise regime. Knee stiffness is something many of us will experience, especially those with an active lifestyle.  Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often have to contend with knee discomfort as part and parcel of their chosen sport/pastime. Because of this, it becomes essential to […]

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